تأثير الرياح على البيوت المحميه.. الفوائد والأضرار وطرق الوقاية

تأثير الرياح على البيوت المحميه.. الفوائد والأضرار وطرق الوقاية

Greenhouses.. Due to the fact that greenhouses are often built in large and perhaps desert areas; There is a high possibility that the cultivated plants will be exposed to strong and fast winds, and there are a set of measures that the farmers of these houses must take to avoid the negative effects of the wind on their plants.. which we will explain in this article..

The benefits of wind for plant life

  • Although it may seem strange to some; However, wind is one of the most important elements for plant life.
  • In other words, not all winds are harmful to plants.
  • Light winds increase the plant’s vital activity, and its ability to make food.
  • This is because it provides him with carbon dioxide, which helps him to complete the process of photosynthesis, as well as the oxygen gas necessary for respiration.
  • This is in addition to its important role in completing the natural pollination processes, by carrying pollen between flowers.
  • The wind also reduces the humidity inside the greenhouse, which means less fungi activity.

frost protection

Rapid wind damage on greenhouses

  • However, there are some damages that wind can cause to plants, especially strong winds.
  • For example, these winds dry the branches and leaves of plants.
  • When they blow strongly, they bend the leaves of plants, thus compressing the air spaces inside the leaf.
  • This pressure results in air saturated with water vapor leaving the paper.
  • After it leaves, new, drier air takes its place inside the leaf, causing it to dry out.
  • Just as the wind pulls water from the fruits of plants, so does the fall and death of the young fruits.
  • It is not only harmful to plants with their leaves, branches or fruits, but also extends to affecting various agricultural processes and procedures.

Dust-laden wind damage

  • As for the dust-laden winds, their effect varies according to the size of the dust or its particles.
  • For example, these effects increase the smaller and finer the sand particles are.
  • Among the damage that these winds do to plants are; The processes of photosynthesis and respiration are spoiled by dust closing the pores of the leaves.
  • It may also lead to rupture of leaves and damage to fruits, which leads to fewer crops and poor economic value.

Tips for protecting a sheltered house from the wind

The sheltered houses can be protected from the wind by taking a number of measures, including:

  • Propping up the roof with gutters.
  • As well as ensuring the durability of the covering on the greenhouse plastic in the sides of the greenhouse.
  • Make sure that rainwater is drained between greenhouses in a safe manner that does not lead to its pooling.
  • It is also necessary to ensure the durability of the wires that carry the crop, and to ensure that the plant is tied with the threads well.
  • If you can make windbreaks, whether industrial or agricultural, it will be good for your plants.

Other ways to protect against wind

In fact, there are different types of winds, which have different effects on plants, including trade winds, which may exist for long periods throughout the year, but they do not cause significant damage to plants as they have acceptable speeds. “; It is a very cold wind, and although it may only last for several days, it may cause the death of young flowers.

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