خطوات تقليم الطماطم في البيوت المحمية

خطوات تقليم الطماطم في البيوت المحمية

Tomato pruning .. We discussed in a previous article what pruning is and its benefit for plants in general, and in this article we will try to focus on the benefits of pruning the tomato crop inside greenhouses, and the best way to complete this process through a set of organized steps and procedures..</p >

Benefits of pruning tomatoes in greenhouses

The pruning process provides many benefits for the tomato crop, for example:

  • Contribute to the regulation of growth and production processes.
  • Raising the degree of gaseous exchange between soil and air.
  • Reduce the possibility of infection by any insects or agricultural pests.
  • An increase in the number of plants due to an increase in the reproduction rate.
  • Allow flowers and fruits to get more sunlight.
  • Provide high quality fruits.

Why should plants be pruned in a greenhouse?

Steps to prune tomatoes in the greenhouse

Select the variety of tomato you are planting

  • Feeding a tomato varies with the variety you use in your greenhouse.
  • In general, the types of tomatoes are divided into two main types; Tomatoes of limited growth, tomatoes of unlimited growth.
  • The first type is characterized by its ability to contain itself without the need for intervention by the farmer through various pruning and pruning operations.
  • The second type, which is indeterminate in growth, usually needs to be twisted and straightened upward using some columns, and then pruned to help it grow properly.

Remove roots and leaves

  • It refers to those small branches, which grow in an area opposite the branches.
  • Also, this step is suitable for all tomato varieties and is not limited to one type without the other.
  • The danger of these roots is that they consume the energy of the rest of the plant, which means that less fruits are produced.
  • How to remove it? This is done by pulling the tips of the roots between the index finger and thumb, then repeatedly bending them forward and backward until they are completely split.
  • In addition to the rhizomes, there are the leaves that grow below the first flowering stalk.
  • These should be left until they turn yellow, after which they are removed.


Removing the top of the plant.. an important step in pruning tomatoes!

  • The top of the plant should also be removed if it touches the roof of the greenhouse.
  • Or when the expected frost is approaching.
  • This is done by removing the shoot from the tips of the plants.

Get rid of yellow leaves

  • The yellow leaves of a tomato crop consume more sugar than they produce.
  • This is what makes it yellow and wilt as soon as the plant grows.
  • Removing yellow leaves is an important stage in tomato pruning; Because it allows obtaining fresh fruits, in addition to protecting them from diseases.

The use of fingers to remove shoots, rather than blades, is a convenient way to reduce the possibility of any infection in the tomato crop.. However, you may have to use blades with tougher shoots, in which case care must be taken to sterilize the pieces and tools used in the pruning process. .

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