المكافحة الحيوية لآفات البيوت المحميه

المكافحة الحيوية لآفات البيوت المحميه

Greenhouses.. In previous articles, we referred to the most important types of insects and pests that infect the greenhouse, as we mentioned some different means and methods of combating them, including Chemical control method.. However, this type of pesticide has its harmful effects, whether on plants or humans, and therefore one of the modern and safer means of control has appeared, which is what is known as biological control..

What do we mean by biological control in greenhouses?

ant 22 مصنع بيوت الكنانة للبيوت المحمية
Predatory ants.. One of the means of biological control in protected houses

Biological control refers to the use of some natural elements, living organisms, known as “natural enemies”, to reduce harmful pests and insects, and these elements and organisms have several advantages..

For example, biological control can neither harm plants nor humans, and it represents a permanent treatment for greenhouse pests, as it is capable of multiplying and increasing naturally and continuously..

Add to this its low cost compared to other methods, especially chemical control, which makes it a suitable option for many farmers also as it does not require large numbers of labor.

What are biological control agents?

Examples of biological control of pests

There are a number of examples regarding the use of biological control inside greenhouses, specifically in the context of implementing some organic crops, including:

Toxic bacteria

It is a type of pathogenic bacteria that is used to get rid of these pests; These bacteria are in the form of crystals containing a deadly active substance, and as soon as the insect eats these crystals, its wall will dissolve and its active substance will begin to spread its poison inside the insect, and soon that insect dies in a period ranging between 5:4 days from the date of the insect ingesting the crystal.</ p>

Also, the insect during this mentioned period does not have an effect on the plant, as it remains dormant until the effect of the substance appears on it and it dies.

These bacteria are more commonly used against lepidopteran insects; Like a cutworm and another worm called cotton paper… and others.

Growth regulators

It means some substances that affect the growth of the insect and hinder it.

Male sterilization

  • That is, sterilizing the males of some insects, and then releasing them, which eventually leads to these insects laying unfertilized eggs, and thus the end or extinction of this pest.
  • This method is usually used with fruit fly.

Safe Alternatives

  • It is one of the innovations in the field of biological control in protected homes, and these alternatives are biological compounds and natural elements that do not harm humans, plants or even animals.
  • They are also less toxic than chemical pesticides.
  • But in order for this type of safe alternative to pesticides to be used, there must be low levels of infestation, and they are suitable for use in case of early detection of insect infestations.
  • Examples include ammonium sulfate, agricultural sulfur, diesel, yeast and molasses.

Learn some Additional approaches to biocontrol

The truth is that biological control elements and materials in protected homes are not limited to what was previously mentioned. There are many other methods and elements, including the use of reeds to facilitate the crossing of predatory species of ants from one tree to another; So that these ants can prey on the caterpillars inside the orchids..and many more.

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