Kenana Houses

Green House

بيوت مقوسة

Arched Houses

Available in sizes 527.30 and 360 square meters.

( Refrigerated or non-Refrigerated )

قائم الاجناب فايبر جلاس 1 مصنع بيوت الكنانة للبيوت المحمية

Pillared-sides Houses

.Available in three sizes 360, 360 and 241 square meters

( Refrigerated or non-Refrigerated )

صالات متعددة الوحدات

Multi-Unit Halls

The number of units ranges from 1 to 30 units in one hall, unit area 334 and 358 square meters.

9 مصنع بيوت الكنانة للبيوت المحمية

Hidden House For houses and RestRooms

Available in sizes 15, 20 and 25 square meters.



It could be Arched, Pillared-sides, Multi-Units, and the size of the agricultural Nurseries was 492 square meters.