قائمة بأهم 10 مصطلحات زراعية لأصحاب البيوت المحمية

قائمة بأهم 10 مصطلحات زراعية لأصحاب البيوت المحمية

Protecting a greenhouse from frost .. There is no doubt that the first step in protecting a greenhouse from frost is to be able to predict the periods of its occurrence, and the period from December to March is the lowest in terms of temperatures, and in which the possibility of plant exposure increases. For drought caused by frost, so we will give you a set of tips through which you can protect your greenhouse during that period..

Frost damage

  • Frost damage is the first reason for which owners of open farms, as well as owners of greenhouses, try to spare their plants from severe cold waves.
  • Frost usually damages the stems of plants, as cold winds gather at the surface of the soil.
  • It also damages the sap tissues, which are found in young plants.
  • This is in addition to ruining the woody and floral buds.
  • And causing the fruit pulp to darken, without this change appearing on its external appearance.
  • Frost may cause turbulent fruit development, with distorted shapes.
  • It also makes the plant’s leaves curly and cracked.

These are the dates when frost occurs

How to protect a house from frost

Due to the frequency and severity of frost damage to plants in general, including greenhouse plants; So, we will clarify a set of ways in which the protected houses can be protected from frost:

Biological Methods

  • These are methods that focus on raising the plant’s ability to resist frost.
  • This is done by improving the nutritional and water conditions of the plant.
  • As well as delaying the growth and flowering periods.

Physical Methods

As for the physical methods of protecting greenhouses from frost; It is represented in the following:

Surface irrigation and sprinkler irrigation

  • i.e. the use of sprinkler irrigation systems; Whether spraying above or under trees.
  • Although spraying above trees is more effective than spraying below it; However, there are warnings about this type of irrigation.
  • This is due to the accumulation of ice on the branches, especially in severe frosts.
  • In addition, it increases the possibility of the spread of diseases and insects, as a natural result of increased humidity.

Using fans to mix the air

  • This is done by mixing the warm air present in the upper layers with the cool air near the soil surface.

Covering plants to protect the greenhouse from frost

  • An example of this is covering the plant with glass or plastic materials, or even using dirt or straw.
  • This coating reduces heat loss.

Heating and smoking

  • This can be done by burning fuel, whether liquid or solid, or using any other flammable materials.
  • In addition, providing greenhouses with the latest equipment and

Additional ways to protect a greenhouse from frost

Things to be aware of during frosty periods

  • Avoid cultivating the land or mulching it with weeds during periods of frost.
  • Be careful to smoke using wood; Due to the high temperatures resulting from burning plant residues.
  • Prepare a water diet program for plants.
  • Reliance on plants with late growth.
  • Using hormonal solutions to treat frost-damaged flowers.
  • Working on adding some phosphorous and sulfur fertilizers.

Perhaps one of the most famous and cheapest methods of protecting a greenhouse from frost is the so-called “watering on the protector”, according to this method; The irrigation water is fast, then the water supply is shut off as soon as it is reached

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