قائمة بأهم 10 مصطلحات زراعية لأصحاب البيوت المحمية

قائمة بأهم 10 مصطلحات زراعية لأصحاب البيوت المحمية

List of the 10 most important agricultural terms for greenhouse owners

The most important 10 agricultural terms .. seedlings, plant hedges, cuttings, weeds, agricultural pests, vegetative propagation, green flat .. and others, are a group of agricultural crops factories that the farmer needs, including greenhouse farmers, to know, in preparation for proper handling agricultural fields

agricultural terms
List of Agricultural Terms List is a list I have included.
the outside
It includes special terms, preparation of the land, as well as the cultivation and care of crops.

What are greenhouses?

List of top 10 agricultural terms

Here is a list of the 10 most important agricultural terms that greenhouse owners need to know, and to understand the instructions and processes that refer to the days..

1- seedlings
A seedling is a small plant that grows from the vegetative part of the plant.
Usually the seedlings are moved from the container in which they appear to the permanent place or field.
Examples include; Seedlings of pepper and zucchini.
2- the bush
As for the shrub, it is a perennial woody plant, which is less in growth than the tree.
Its height can exceed 3 or 4 meters.
Small gardens, examples of which are; Basil and rosemary bushes.
3- the mind
It is a group of plants, containing a group of nodes, and can be used in the process of propagation.
4- Vegetative propagation as one of the 10 most important agricultural terms
As for vegetative propagation; It means the propagation of plants using part of their parts.
These have been found, for example; Air and water binding, propagation by cuttings, excitation with plant tissues, and others.
5- Plant fences
It is a group of plants, planted contiguously and in consistent rows.
Also, the distances are narrow.
It must be aligned with integrated shearing and shaping.
after its growth ends; Its branches intertwine and form a natural fence that hides what lies beyond.
6- flat green
Perhaps one of the top 10 agricultural terms you need to know, is the so-called green flat.
It refers to the area, the area of ​​land.
The aim of planting this type of flat is to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the soil; It looks like a green rug.
7- Agricultural pests
Aquariums, organisms, organisms, organisms, animals, parasites or even unwanted weeds.
These pests cause disease or death to various plants.
for example ; There are pests such as tunnel borers, palm mites, mealybugs, and others.
8- Soil improvers
It is the organic of its products for agricultural soil, with the aim of improving its properties.
Examples include; Adding peat moss to improve the properties of sandy soil.
Addition of perlite to improve the properties of heavy soils with compact particles.
9- Weaning (or fasting)
Indicate that a large crop reaches a black crevice.
What is this fasting used for with potatoes, yams, taro and garlic?
The scheduled action is taken before harvesting.

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10- Pruning
Military target benefited from Afghanistan.
And in this case the parts of the suspended and dead parts of the plants, the other parts of the other parts.
The second goal is pruning in order to provide a shape or design a specific position for the plant.
Including fences and plant walls, trimming climbing trees to wrap around gates…etc.

In addition to the terms; The carrier image, such as 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 35, 22, throat, and 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, exe, throat, coupled, factors, in the sentence, shows different industries and stages.

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