زراعة الطماطم في البيوت المحمية

زراعة الطماطم في البيوت المحمية

Cultivation of tomatoes in greenhouses.. Tomatoes are one of the crops that are in great demand and continue throughout the year. They also allow farmers a great deal of diversity, whether in terms of colors, sizes or shapes, and the methods of production vary, Therefore, it represents one of the basic crops in many greenhouses.


Growing tomatoes in greenhouses

  • The cultivation of tomatoes inside greenhouses has spread in recent years, which has helped raise the quantity of their production, as well as reduce their prices inside the Kingdom.
  • Open field growers usually make some mistakes when planting tomatoes, which has increased the tendency of greenhouse owners to plant them.
  • These errors lead to their being degraded, and consequently the poor ability to market them within the local and global markets.
  • It is also recommended by many agricultural experts to rely on these greenhouses in the production of vegetable crops (such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and others).

The advantages of growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Greenhouses provide a set of advantages with regard to tomato production, which prompts the majority of farmers to plant them continuously, and these advantages are as follows:

  • Although growing tomatoes in a greenhouse is expensive at first, it quickly provides a high production quantity, which helps offset the cost, and obtain a large financial return.
  • Greenhouses allow the yield of the tomato crop after one year.
  • This differs from open cultivation, which needs to repeat the same expenditure items after only 6 months, which means doubling production costs.
  • The greenhouse production of tomatoes is usually of higher quality and quantity compared to traditional cultivation.

Selection of cultivated tomato varieties

Despite the high prices of high-quality tomato seeds, it is the only way to guarantee a high financial return, so it is important to consider the following aspects when choosing cultivated tomato varieties:

  • Choose a tomato that can withstand cracking, so that it does not spoil when stored.
  • Choose the right colour, taste and hardness.
  • It should not be limited in growth, and should have the ability to flower for long periods.
  • Choice of varieties such as Rosalina and 06; Being able to resist nematode diseases, mosaic virus (smoke), verticillium, and others.

Important tips for growing tomatoes indoors

  • It is necessary to provide the necessary protection for the tomato crop inside the greenhouse, by controlling the temperature, humidity and salinity of the soil.
  • The cooling systems in the greenhouse must also be used, in order to provide the required ventilation, and thus provide healthy plant growth.
  • If your greenhouse has a concrete or pebble floor, you need to grow tomatoes in containers, such as planting bags or large pots..etc.
  • It is also preferable to adopt a drip irrigation system.
  • In addition to the necessity of removing all side branches, and limiting the use of the main branches to the cultivation of tomatoes.
  • But if these side branches are removed, care must be taken to carry out the cuts carefully; So that the resulting plant wounds do not cause some fungal diseases to reach them.

Adequate weather conditions for growing tomatoes indoors

Greenhouses contribute to the protection of all crops, including tomatoes, from soil-borne diseases in open cultivation, although there are existing possibilities of infecting greenhouse plants with some pests as well, such as aphids, whiteflies, and others, which confirms the necessity of Periodic monitoring of the greenhouse.

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