مشاكل البيوت المحمية وطرق علاجها

مشاكل البيوت المحمية وطرق علاجها

Despite its great advantages for farmers; However, greenhouses may face many problems, some of which are related to the climatic conditions and the nature of the cultivated plants and the care they need, including those related to the design and area of ​​those houses, and here are the biggest problems of greenhouses and ways to treat them..

Greenhouse Problems

No investment project is without some problems and obstacles that it may face..

Because Kinana Houses factory is keen to deal transparently with its customers, and to follow up on them, even in the after-sales stages..

It provides you with a list of the most important problems that you may encounter when creating a greenhouse, and ways to address them:

Large capital needed

Despite the decrease in the prices of greenhouses in recent years, compared to the beginnings of their appearance and use, they remain more expensive than conventional or the open field, due to the need for techniques and means of production.

This can be a big challenge for you when starting to build your greenhouse.

The solution here is to try to grow profitable, easy-to-market plants, so you can quickly recoup the invested money.

The need for precise designs

Greenhouses need careful design, in terms of choosing the right site, and the required agricultural and technological methods.

And also the size of the house, and the extent of its ability to expand, and failure to take into account these factors in the design may lead to spending more money in later stages.

Maintenance services provided by the Kenana Homes Factory

Higher level of skills

Greenhouses also need highly skilled workers, because they become responsible for fully grown plants, in all stages of their growth.

These professionals work to create the right conditions for the plants, as well as solve any urgent problems, as quickly as possible.

A breeding ground for disease

Besides being a fertile environment for agricultural production, greenhouses may represent a fertile environment for agricultural pests and diseases as well.

If all security measures are not taken and implemented correctly.

The need for marketing

So that you can get a good return on your greenhouse; You need to follow a Successful Marketing Policy.

Especially since the increase in the storage period of the product before it is sold, means a decrease in its value.

So, the solution here is to have a business partner, a strong market, and your marketing efforts.

Climate Change

A sharp change in temperature poses a great danger to greenhouse plants.

Especially when it is in its early stages of growth, in which its ability to resist decreases.

For example, high temperature may lead to wilting and even burning of some plants, such as African violet.

Also, its significant decrease may affect the growth of the branches, and lead to the destruction of the buds.

Therefore, you should be keen to provide adequate ventilation and heating factors, from the beginning of designing your greenhouse, as well as placing your heaters in strategic locations inside the house.

Learn more about greenhouse problems and their treatment

With this, we have finished presenting the most prominent problems of greenhouses and ways to treat them.. If you encounter any of these problems, after designing and installing the house, you can contact Kinana Houses Factory> /strong>, and obtain all necessary maintenance operations.

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