قواعد عامة يجب مراعاتها عند إنشاء البيوت المحمية

قواعد عامة يجب مراعاتها عند إنشاء البيوت المحمية

Establishment of greenhouses.. Agriculture inside greenhouses or what is known as greenhouses began many years ago, but it has become more easy, developed and widespread, during the last ten years, and many countries, including Saudi Arabia, have relied on it as a good alternative. For open crops, which are usually affected by climate fluctuations.. But this does not negate the existence of some general rules that must be taken into account when constructing these greenhouses..

your guide to building a greenhouse


  • Greenhouses come in the form of tunnels or large houses with different coverings and designs.
  • For example, greenhouse covers may be plastic or glass, and may be arched, upright, pyramidal, etc.
  • Agricultural galleries may be established with large areas compared to the area of ​​the greenhouse, and the farmer may also construct a whole complex of single greenhouses.
  • In all cases, the purpose of constructing these houses or greenhouses remains the same; It is the provision of crops in large quantities and high quality, continuously throughout the year.
  • All that the farmer has to do is to determine the type of house suitable for his crops; In terms of its geometric shape and the type of cover used, as well as the appropriate heating, cooling, irrigation and fertilization systems and programs, and other general conditions and rules, which we will explain in the following lines..

How to choose a suitable greenhouse?

Advantages of constructing greenhouses

  • Control environmental conditions and overcome climate variability.
  • Production of larger quantities of agricultural crops and of higher quality.
  • In addition to the possibility of continuing to harvest all kinds of agricultural crops throughout the year.
  • Provide large quantities of irrigation water, through the adoption of protected agriculture on the drip irrigation system.
  • All of these features contribute to a significant increase in the financial return for farmers, compared to the income provided by traditional agriculture.

Learn more about howcreating a greenhouse

General rules to be observed when building a greenhousej

  • It is necessary to choose one of the large sites of the greenhouse, so that the farmer can make any possible future expansions of the area of ​​​​the house.
  • The large areas around the house will facilitate the entry and exit of cars transporting fuel and crops.
  • It is also necessary to choose a location near the markets, and there are no windbreaks.
  • The land must be leveled and plowed several times according to the extent of its cohesion, and to ensure that it is free from diseases and harmful weeds.
  • Working on providing adequate sources of water, as well as a trained workforce.
  • If you are building a group of greenhouses; It is better to design its roof with a slope that allows rainwater to drain.
  • If the location of the house is one of the areas where snow falls, it is better to choose one of the types of covers capable of bearing the weight of the snow before it melts, or to follow the system of single and non-contiguous houses, with a distance of not less than two meters between them. Snow gathers.
  • It is preferable not to exaggerate the lengths of your greenhouses, so as not to waste workers’ time navigating within them.
  • It is also necessary to think about the type of cover to be used, and accordingly determine the appropriate design and structure.
  • Make sure to widen your greenhouse door; So that it is not less than 270 cm, in order to give an opportunity and enough space for the entry of tractors and freight cars.
  • In the event that a complex of greenhouses is established; It is preferable for the administration buildings, warehouses and refrigerators to take a middle location.
  • This last measure will facilitate access to these buildings from all homes.

In addition to these general rules; There are more details and subtle things, which must be taken into account when establishing the greenhouse, as if the farmer is keen to provide his house with a group of agricultural engineers, and daily follow-up of the condition of the crop inside the house, as well as temperatures, humidity and lighting, with full control over these factors to ensure the safety of the crop.

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