زراعة البروكلي في البيوت المحمية

زراعة البروكلي في البيوت المحمية

Cultivation of broccoli in greenhouses.. Broccoli is one of the types of cabbage or mustard plants, and it is a plant of great nutritional value, because it contains many important nutrients; Such as potassium, iron, vitamins..etc, and in this article we will explain the method and requirements of its cultivation inside the greenhouse..

What is broccoli

  • Broccoli is a popular green vegetable that has many health benefits.
  • Broccoli is now included in many foods, in addition to the possibility of eating it raw, cooked or grilled.
  • This plant consists of a large flower-like head, which is used as a vegetable.
  • The thick leg is also edible.

Requirements for growing broccoli in greenhouses

Cultivation of broccoli indoors requires a set of conditions, which can be summarized as follows:


  • Broccoli can be grown in different types of soil, but the best and most suitable species is clay soil.
  • In addition to the need to avoid high salinities; As it is a plant that is highly sensitive to salinity.

Temperatures suitable for growing broccoli

  • The temperature should range between 24:4 degrees Celsius.
  • Also, extreme fluctuations in temperature, may harm the broccoli plant.


  • As for the appropriate degree of humidity, it is preferable that it should not be less than 70%.


  • Broccoli needs moderate watering; Once or twice a day in hot and dry conditions, and only once on wet and cold days.

green bean cultivation

How is broccoli grown indoors?

With regard to the method of growing it inside greenhouses.. We refer to a set of important points that must be taken into account:

  • The planting process begins with placing the seeds in the seedlings, and then transferring them to the greenhouse after 4:6 weeks.
  • The plant should be planted in soil approximately 2 inches deep.
  • The farmer also needs to leave spaces between seedlings and some of them, ranging from 30:30 cm.
  • This is in addition to the 2:3 foot spacing between rows.
  • The broccoli plant needs to water the shoots regularly, and feed the seedlings with an appropriate type of high-nitrogen fertilizer.
  • The greenhouse must be well ventilated; To avoid the growth of fungi or the formation of mold.
  • Broccoli is harvested after some indications appear; For example, when the head buds become hard and narrow, or when the flowers turn yellow.

It remains to point out that the broccoli plant may be infected with some insects or agricultural pests, such as aphids and cabbage bear; Which are larvae that cause holes on the leaves, as well as soft mold bacteria .. and others, so it is important to follow up on the broccoli plant periodically and to take the necessary measures when any of these pests appear.

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