أغطية بيوت محمية فايبر جلاس

أغطية بيوت محمية فايبر جلاس

Fiberglass covers .. There are many covers for greenhouses, and the process of choosing and determining the type of cover suitable for a house depends on the nature of the climatic and environmental conditions required to be provided to the plants inside it, and fiberglass covers represent one of the most popular and widely used types of covers, as they provide many advantages Which we will explain and more in this article..

Fiberglass Covers

  • Fiberglass or fiberglass covers are flexible fibers of varying lengths.
  • These fibers are made from types of glass similar to those used in windows and home drinking glasses.
  • There are also many uses for these fibers; Although its use for isolation is the most common.
  • As for the way fiberglass is made; It is by melting the used glass, and then taking it out through very fine holes.
  • A process that results in an array of ultra-thin glass filaments, whose weight is measured in microns.


Types of fiberglass

Fiberglass can also be divided into several types, according to the quality and proportions of the raw materials used in its manufacture, as follows:


  • It is also called “alkali glass”, and one of its most important features is that it is a type of chemical-resistant glass, which is closer to window glass.


  • As for Si glass; It is called “chemical glass”, and it is also a type with good resistance to chemical influences.

Electronic Glass

  • This type is called “electric glass”; Because it acts as a good insulator.

Glass AE

  • It is alkaline-resistant.


  • It is called “structural glass” and has many mechanical properties.

fiberglass shapes

Fiberglass takes many forms; This is in order to suit all applications, including fiberglass covers used in greenhouses, and home air conditioners…etc. Among the most prominent forms are the following:


Fiberglass panels

  • These panels come in rolls similar to a cloth roll.
  • These panels are used in many applications, such as air conditioner hoods and pipelines.
  • This figure also contains various other types, which vary in different sizes and uses.


  • As for fiberglass, one of its most important characteristics is that it is smooth, and is often used as a heat shield.

Fiberglass ropes

  • They are fiberglass braided ropes, usually used for packing purposes.

Benefits and features of fiberglass covers

As for the advantages of this type of covers, they can be summarized as follows:

  • It protects the house from various conditions; Either environmental or industrial.
  • Light weight and high durability.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • It is also a good insulator of heat and electricity.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Lower UV transmittance.
  • It has a high thickness, thus ensuring that any holes or openings are sealed, and prevents water from seeping in.
  • It is also easy to combine with concrete surfaces, as well as plastic and polyethylene.


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