زراعة الخيار في البيوت المحمية

زراعة الخيار في البيوت المحمية

Cultivation of cucumber.. Cucumber is one of the crops with high local consumption, and therefore many farmers resort to cultivating it, in large quantities, whether in open agricultural fields or in greenhouses, and in this article we will explain the most important environmental and climatic conditions that the cultivation process needs. The cucumber inside the greenhouses..

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Cultivation of cucumbers in greenhouses

  • As we mentioned, cucumbers are widely cultivated in greenhouses, despite their being a nutrient-poor plant.
  • Cucumbers contain small amounts of vitamin C and carotene.
  • However, it is characterized by containing large amounts of enzymes, which facilitate the digestion of fatty and protein materials.
  • The process of growing it inside greenhouses needs to provide a suitable hot climate for it, with an appropriate humidity level.

Cucumber planting timing

  • As for the timing of planting it inside the greenhouse; The matter is done in three stages or loops..
  • The first loop is known as the summer loop, and it begins during February or March, and may start as early as January, and after the seedlings grow, they can be left inside the greenhouse or transferred to permanent soil.
  • The second lug; It begins during August or September, to remain inside the greenhouse.
  • The third loop is called the winter loop, and it begins in October or November.

Soil characteristics suitable for cucumber

  • Cucumbers usually grow in sandy soil or in desert lands, provided the soil is well drained.
  • This is in addition to the possibility of cultivating it inside the muddy lands.
  • Because the soil of cucumbers contains few nutrients, Farmers need to provide it with an appropriate type of organic fertilizer.
  • A commitment to a fertilization program continues throughout the growth period of the crop, taking into account achieving a balance between the percentage of salts in the soil and the amounts of fertilizer added, so as not to expose the soil to excessive salinity.

Temperatures and Humidity

  • The cucumber crop needs specific temperatures during the day, and different temperatures during the night, which can be controlled through Greenhouse Cooling Systems.
  • So that the temperature in the day reaches 22 degrees Celsius, and at night it reaches 17 degrees Celsius.
  • If the temperature rises or falls below the required degrees, the flowers will fall, and the contract for the crop may fail.
  • Cucumber cultivation inside greenhouses also needs a humidity of 90:70%.

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General guidelines for growing cucumbers indoors

  • Be sure to plow the soil twice, at a depth of 30 cm, before planting.
  • In addition to applying organic or chemical fertilizers, mixing them with the soil at a thickness of about 20 cm.
  • Cucumber can be grown inside greenhouses without the need for any heating, if the temperature ranges between 12:10 degrees Celsius outside the greenhouse.
  • at the time of flowering of the crop; It should have a temperature between 30:23 degrees in the daytime, and 18:16 degrees at night.
  • Be sure to use a plastic cover that allows the right amount of light to pass through, which will speed up the flowering process.

The cucumber crop inside the open fields may be infected with some agricultural diseases, such as crop distortions, powdery mildew and downy… and others, but this possibility is not available in greenhouses; Its crop of cucumbers is usually free from diseases and pests to a large extent.

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