كيفية اختيار بيت محمي مناسب

كيفية اختيار بيت محمي مناسب

How to choose a suitable greenhouse.. Many farmers and investors resort to establishing greenhouse projects, and they need to choose the appropriate house for their budget and the nature of the plants to be planted.. and other factors, in order to ensure the success of their project.. Therefore, in this article we provide some foundations And tips for choosing a greenhouse.

Selecting a greenhouse based on size

One of the main factors in choosing a greenhouse is determining the required size or area, and this is done based on a set of elements, namely:

  • The nature of the work of the house, and whether it is seasonal or permanent.
  • The facilities it contains.
  • Number and quantities of plants it will contain.
  • The amount to be It will need sunlight.
  • The height the plant needs.

You can learn more about the basics of choosing a greenhouse here

Greenhouse selection based on usage

  • The way each farmer uses his greenhouse varies; There are those who resort to planting a variety of crops during its season, but seek to control the conditions of the house, which leads to harvesting the crop before its time, so that he can sell it in the markets before competitors. After the end of its natural history.
  • This is also with the aim of continuing to sell it at the time of its disappearance from the market and with the increase in people’s need for it. protected.
  • It is; Heating systems and cooling, humidity levels, lighting..and other sub-elements.

Choice based on cost

It is natural for each person to choose the details of his project to suit his budget, so there are a set of questions that you need to answer before choosing your greenhouse, as follows:

  • What is your goal in owning a greenhouse? Is it for a hobby or starting an actual project?
  • Is the plot of land suitable for any potential expansions you may need to make?
  • And if you have extracted all the Official papers and permits required?
  • Does your house need additional coverings, Or is it adequately suited to the types of plants that will be grown in it?

It is important to note that greenhouse costs increase when growing crops outside the natural season, so novice farmers usually resort to growing well-known crops such as tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers, before they start planting crops unaccustomed to their area.</ p>

General advice when choosing a greenhousee

Here are some general tips to consider when choosing your greenhouse:

  • Be sure to choose high quality greenhouse bases.
  • Take care of the necessary periodic maintenance.
  • You must bear in mind, when determining the height of the house, that there are types of Plants can be planted vertically; To save part of the horizontal space of the house.
  • When you build your house in a windy area; You have to determine the direction of those winds, and therefore the correct and appropriate direction for the house.
  • Be careful not to build your house next to the big old trees; So as not to fall on it in later stages and cause great damage.
  • If your house needs an electrical source; Make sure to provide an alternative to this resource, so that it can function when the first one fails.
  • If you want to use your greenhouse as a tourist attraction, you should build it near public transportation, as well as pay attention to its appearance.

Emphasizing the need to take into account all the required elements and details when choosing your greenhouse; It is the significant increase in the cost of modifying, upgrading and expanding the house later, which may exceed the cost of building a large house from the beginning, and perhaps the best way to ensure the suitability of the greenhouse for your project is to seek the opinions of experts and specialists, led by engineers and workers Kenana Houses Factory.

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