خطوات وطريقة تركيب البيت المحمي

خطوات وطريقة تركيب البيت المحمي

The greenhouse needs a lot of main components and components until it is ready for installation, and after the availability of those components; There are a set of steps that must be followed to complete the installation process correctly, in this article we will address the most important of those steps and the way to implement them, to get a greenhouse that was built with high accuracy and professionalism..

Steps and method of installing greenhouses

The process of installing the greenhouse begins with preparing the land, laying its base, assembling the used structures, and then installing the necessary shade nets, doors and windows, as follows:

First: Preparing the land and establishing the base

Before starting to explain the steps and method of setting the base; There are a set of items and tools that you will need to use to install the greenhouse bases:

  • Appropriate amount of cement and gravel.
  • Scale balance.
  • Tape measure.
  • Excavator.
  • Screwdriver.

Steps to install the base of the greenhouse

  • It is important that the base of the greenhouse is firmly anchored in the ground, as well as level, in order to facilitate the assembly and installation of the rest of the components of the house.
  • In order to achieve this properly; You must ensure that the soil of the greenhouse is clean and level, by using a level.
  • Also make sure that the base you purchased is free of defects, and then add the mounting legs that came with the base.
  • Select the corners of the greenhouse, mark where to dig in each corner, then start inserting the legs.
  • Add cement into any existing holes.

Learn about the steps of greenhouse cultivation

Second: Assembling the structures for the installation of greenhouses

It is one of the most important steps in installing a greenhouse, and is done as follows:

  • Distribution of house arches with the need to specify their directions.
  • Start with the long side purlins.
  • Then distribute the connections and crosses.
  • Locate the tension wires on the brackets, and one greenhouse needs 32 wires.

Third: Installing the shade net

  • This is done by placing gauze in the middle of the greenhouse.
  • Then fixing the net on the house from both sides.
  • Also, care must be taken to make the grille against the direction of the wind.

Fourth: Installing doors and windows

  • After you have finished installing the shade netting, or any suitable cover you wish to add to your greenhouse; You will need to install doors and windows in the house.
  • This is done by adding shade grilles to doors and windows.
  • Then attach those doors with jumpers.

Although these steps and stages seem uncomplicated, it is usually preferable to use skilled and experienced hands, as is the case with the engineers and workers of the Kenana Houses Factory. , in order to ensure a house with a strong foundation and foundation, that can face all climatic changes in open areas.

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