دليلك لإنشاء بيت محمي منزلي

دليلك لإنشاء بيت محمي منزلي

Your Guide to Creating a Home Greenhouse .. Many individuals seek to exploit the empty spaces inside their homes, and often choose to plant a group of plants, to take advantage of their appearance and fruits, and for this they may turn >To create greenhouses inside the house, especially since these houses provide the right climate and atmosphere for the growth of different plants.

Home Greenhouse

  • Home farming is one of the easiest and fastest types of cultivation, and it also has many benefits.
  • For example; Increasing the percentage of oxygen necessary for the breathing process, and the wonderful aesthetic appearance that these plants give to the private places inside the house.
  • There are multiple ways to cultivate indoors, including planting using seeds, by planting them in the soil and following their germination dates.
  • As well as cultivation by cutting off part of the branches of plants, and placing them inside the soil.
  • In addition to the possibility of creating greenhouses inside the house, in case you did not find enough free spaces for cultivation inside.
  • Due to its multiple features, many individuals resort to constructing these houses inside their homes, whether it is in the yard of the house, as we mentioned earlier, or even on its roof.

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Features of Home Greenhouse

There are many features that may encourage individuals to establish greenhouses inside their homes, including:

  • These houses represent an ideal environment for the growth of all types of plants, as they include cooling and heating systems capable of soothing the area around the plant within the greenhouse.
  • Provide healthy crops (organic), without using any chemicals.
  • Intensity of the quantity of the crop being produced; This is due to the exploitation of both horizontal and vertical spaces.
  • It is possible to cultivate the horizontal areas that cover the entire house, in addition to exploiting the vertical areas using crop stands.
  • It is also a financially profitable venture.

Locate the greenhouse inside the house

As mentioned above; Home greenhouses may be built on rooftops, or inside their front or back yard.

In any case; Care must be taken to determine the direction of the sun relative to the location of the plant, before starting construction of the greenhouse.

In the sense that the direction of the house allows the sun to enter it for as long as possible, while moving the shading materials used according to the direction of the sun.

Learn about the types of greenhouse cultivation

home greenhouse cost

As for the cost of construction of home green houses; It depends on the quality of those houses, and the components and units that will be included.

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a feasibility study for the project as a whole, in terms of the plants to be planted, the appropriate space for them, as well as the controls and regulations to provide the greenhouse with.

Greenhouse Construction Permits

People wishing to build a home reserve within Saudi need to apply for a license from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture

There are a set of papers that the ministry requires to submit in order to obtain a license, including a home ownership or rental contract, a national identity card, and a project feasibility study, in addition to the engineering drawing of the house to be built.

The ministry also allows citizens to submit this request through its website.

It remains to point out that although it is not difficult to establishing greenhouses, whether in open spaces or indoors, the process of following them is not an easy matter, as greenhouse plants For accurate follow-up, around the clock, with the assistance of experts in this field, in order to avoid any mistakes that may lead to the withering or death of plants.

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