ما هي البيوت المحمية

ما هي البيوت المحمية

What are greenhouses.. Have you ever wondered why some fruits and vegetables are available in the summer, while you can’t find them in the winter? Or why do farmers diversify the types of plants in each cropping cycle? And why not grow it whole every time? The truth is that farms are linked to specific agricultural dates and varieties, due to weather factors and soil fertility, all of which are obstacles that homes and greenhouses have managed to overcome all of them.

Greenhouses produced by the Kenana Houses Factory

What are greenhouses

Greenhouses, or greenhouses, represent the most suitable alternative to traditional agriculture, and it is one of the modern methods that contribute to increasing productivity, providing diverse varieties and large quantities of crops, continuously throughout the year.

These greenhouses take the form of large houses or tunnels, covered with different materials, meaning that they may be greenhouses, or greenhouses..etc.

These houses are established with the aim of providing suitable environments for the growth of various crops; Thus, it provides protection for plants from all kinds of pests and weather fluctuations, and allows controlling their growth conditions.

It is that; The amount of light transmitted to it, the temperature, the means to control the level of carbon dioxide, and others.

Although the cost of this type of cultivation has decreased in recent years, its cost remains high, as a result of the high prices of raw materials for structures and covers used in the manufacture of homes.

Advantages of Protected Agriculture

There are many advantages to this type of cultivation, including:

  • It allows the production of all agricultural varieties, throughout the year, and in off-season.
  • It also provides large amounts of crops, up to about 200% compared to the amounts of traditional cultivation.
  • Provides high quality plants.
  • It relies on drip irrigation, and thus saves about 90% of the water consumed in traditional agriculture.

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Conditions for establishing greenhouses

Despite its great advantages, the process of creating a greenhouse is not so easy; It requires a set of important conditions, most notably:

  • Choose a suitable site, so that this site allows for any future expansions, as well as the exit and entry of transport vehicles, in order to deliver fuel and transport the crop from its place.
  • The site should be close to markets, and free from windbreaks.
  • Work on leveling the land so that all the houses are on the same level.
  • Determining the number of times the land is plowed, according to the duration of soil cohesion.
  • Provide a suitable water source; In order to carry out drainage and irrigation operations.
  • Provide trained manpower.
  • Ensure that the land is free of diseases and weeds.

When to use greenhouses

You can start greenhouse planting any time you like, all year round.

But if you want to plant some spring plants, you’ll need to set the seeds about 6 or 8 months before the weather in your location gets cold.

There are also some preparatory work, which must be done before starting to plant greenhouses..

This includes carrying out the necessary disinfection operations, heating the place, or providing adequate humidification and ventilation for the type of crop.

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Finally, the establishment of greenhouses is the best way to achieve self-sufficiency in crops for any country, especially countries with large populations. It also serves as a strong supporter of the national economy. Therefore, many countries, including Egypt, have begun to invest in this type of agriculture. It has already achieved a significant increase in its productivity and exports of agricultural crops.

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