شبك الظل.. أنواعه  استخداماته ومميزاته

شبك الظل.. أنواعه استخداماته ومميزاته

Shade nets..its types, uses and features..One of the most important basic elements of a greenhouse is shade net or shade cloth, one of the types of greenhouse coverings, which is used as an alternative to various cooling systems With the aim of protecting plants from sunlight in the summer, it also provides shade ratios ranging between 60: 90%.

Types of shade grille

The shade net is made of polyethylene, one of the high-density plastics, and it is treated against ultraviolet rays, and the best textile machines are used in its manufacture.

There are some types that are woven by the single thread system, and others are woven by the double knot system.

It is also available in several colors; Such as green, red, beige, and blue and white stripes, and others.

Kenana Homes Factory Shade Net

Uses of shade netting

Despite its association in the minds of many with use inside nurseries and greenhouses; However, shade nets have many other places and places where they are used, including:

  • Vegetable nurseries.
  • Orchards and farms, in order to protect plants from intense sunlight, as well as insects and birds.
  • It is also used for shading purposes in general, and in different colors, inside homes, exhibitions, swimming pools… and other places.
  • In various maintenance works inside real estate and residential complexes, to reduce falling residues and dust.
  • Within the different packaging processes of goods, when they are shipped, whether by land, sea or air.
  • It is also an ideal material for covering sports fields; It blocks the view from the outside, and reduces the strength of the wind and the reflection of the sun.
  • It is of great importance in animal husbandry areas to protect them from extreme heat, especially during the summer, when some bad symptoms are observed on animals, such as laziness and lack of appetite.

Using shade netting around tree trunks

Covering tree trunks with shade nets greatly contributes to eliminating harmful insects, improving the characteristics and characteristics of fruits, in addition to many other benefits, including:

  • Feed only trees.
  • Reduce the need to use chemicals to control harmful insects.
  • Reduce the movement and presence of insects around the tree.
  • Reduce the required labor.

Shadow Window Features

  • Reduce the temperature during the day, and keep part of it at night.
  • Provide suitable and sufficient shade ratios to protect plants from sunlight.
  • Reduce the intensity of light, so that it reaches levels at which plant photosynthesis is at its best.
  • Prevent fogging and dripping, especially inside greenhouses.
  • Saving on the amount of water used in agriculture, since it reduces evaporation rates, and therefore the amount of water lost in plants.
  • Facilitating the harvesting of various fruits and fruits, for example, they prevent nuts, almonds and olives from falling on the ground, which means obtaining high-quality fruits and oils.
  • Multiple sizes of shade netting rolls are also available, which facilitates and speeds up the installation process.
  • Special bags are made from them to protect grapes, bananas and dates from insects, and to prevent these fruits from falling off.

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It should also be noted that the Kenana Houses Factory provides good types of shade nets; Which is characterized by durability, and non-susceptibility to tearing when exposed to the sun or strong winds, and it lasts for long periods, and is easy to clean with water, as well as installed through the side anchor holes.

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