15 معلومة يجب أن تعرفها عن البيوت المحمية

15 معلومة يجب أن تعرفها عن البيوت المحمية

15 facts you should know about greenhouses.. Greenhouses represent an appropriate way to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural production, by providing the appropriate environmental and climatic conditions for the growth of plants of all kinds. There is a set of information that must be known, so that you can understand and deal correctly with it..

1- Greenhouses not a new idea

The first thing you need to know about greenhouses; It is not a recent idea; History mentions that one of the kings of the ancient Roman era was a lover of cucumbers.

Even this king wanted to eat it on a daily basis, which led one of his farmers to the idea of ​​cultivating cucumbers in mobile carts.

These wagons were placed in the sun, during the day, and in warm places at night.

Then the idea began to develop little by little, until a Korean doctor named Jeon Sun talked about it in a book in 1459AD.

2- Multiple Use Houses

The greenhouse allows you to diversify the cultivated plants; By collecting a number of plants that need similar climatic conditions to grow.

This is, of course, in addition to providing the opportunity for planting throughout the year.

3- Can be created indoors

Despite the common use of greenhouses inside farms and open areas, this does not negate the possibility of using them also inside homes.

Some people resort to exploiting their yard or rooftop by creating a miniature greenhouse that helps them produce their own plants.

4- Greenhouses changeable

You don’t need to use the same plants in every cropping cycle; But you can change continuously.

Taking care of the seasonal fertilizer, determining the appropriate degree of soil acidity, as well as containing the necessary nutrients; Like nitrogen and potassium.

5- Flexible Homes

Greenhouses are also resilient houses; Due to the ease of dismantling and installation on the one hand, and the possibility of controlling its conditions and climate throughout the year, on the other hand.

6- Attractive aesthetic appearance

In addition to its agricultural benefits and effectiveness, greenhouses give a distinctive aesthetic appearance.

The aesthetic aspect is an important element, especially when it comes to greenhouses located inside homes or gardens.

There are also many types and shapes of greenhouses, so you can choose the one that matches the general appearance of your garden or yard.

The shapes of the greenhouses provided by the Kenana Houses Factory

7- Needs protection

Although it is a tool to protect various plants from sudden climatic changes, it also needs protection.

In the sense that it needs accurate follow-up around the clock, in addition to periodic and sudden maintenance operations.

It also needs protection from agricultural pests and insects, although it can protect your plants from birds, large animals and even messy hands.

8- Lack of water use in greenhouses

Where the greenhouse needs less water; Because it has cooling systems and special humidity.

The land is irrigated by hand or by drip system, to avoid flooding the plant.

9- Significant financial return

Growing indoors, besides being aesthetically attractive, can cover its financial costs and more.

This is what makes it able to provide a large financial return to its owner.

10- Greenhouse scalability

Greenhouses are one of the best ways to exploit large areas, so it is important when choosing a greenhouse location to consider its scalability.

So that it is built in a place surrounded by open spaces, which will allow to increase the space of the house when needed.

11- You need loose soil

It is difficult for plants to grow within cohesive soil, so light or loose soil with good drainage is the most suitable for greenhouse cultivation.

12- Ventilation space

The area allocated for ventilation in the greenhouse should be equal to about 17% of its total area.

The best type of ventilation is ventilation based on the replacement of 48 square meters or more of the plastic cover with a net.

13- Change cap

Some greenhouse covers need to be replaced and replaced after certain periods.

For example; The plastic cover must be changed every 2-3 years; Because it is affected by ultraviolet rays.

More information about greenhouses

14- Humidity

Greenhouse needs reasonable humidity; As its excess of the required limit leads to the spread of diseases and epidemics.

And its low results in the failure of pollen grains in the fertilization process, which means less production.

15- Greenhouse direction

The best direction for greenhouses is from north to south; Because it allows sunlight to pass through both sides of the house (from the east and west sides) throughout the day.

This basic information about the greenhouses is one of the important factors that must be known and taken into account when starting to establish these houses, and work must be done to raise the level of the protected areas outside them; To prevent rainwater from flowing into the interior, and to provide it with an appropriate number of operating workers to carry out follow-up and periodic maintenance operations.

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