أدوات ومكونات البيوت المحمية

أدوات ومكونات البيوت المحمية

Greenhouse tools and components.. Greenhouses consist of many elements, which are made of different materials commensurate with their respective functions. The Kenana Houses Factory provides all the necessary tools to create a high-quality greenhouse, and has trained and professional workers to carry out the preparation tasks. And the installation of those houses..

Greenhouse Components

In the process of the construction of greenhouses, it is relied on a group of parts or tools, made of different metals, and according to special sizes.

Among those components are; The facades of houses, their frames, their bases, their arches, their reinforcement pillars, etc.

Spare parts provided by the Kenana Houses Factory

The iron structure of the greenhouse

Greenhouse structures
Greenhouse Structures

It represents the main element in the process of the construction of greenhouses, and it consists of several pieces, all made of iron, and these pieces are:


It is usually made of pipes, with a diameter of 3 inches and a thickness of not more than 2 mm after galvanizing, and its length is about 40 cm.

Links between rules

Also known as “reinforcement supports”, they are made of ¾-inch tubes, 1.5 mil thick.

These connections are installed longitudinally between each two bases; To connect them together, the distance between these bases is about 2.5 meters.


It is made of 2-inch pipes, 1.8 mm thick, and 17 feet per line. It is used in homes on all sides, as well as in halls.

Greenhouse Arches

These brackets consist of two pieces of tubes, joined together by a cruciform cross.

The diameter of one piece is approximately 2 inches, and its thickness is 1.8 mm before galvanizing and 2 mm thick after galvanizing.

Arc angle

It is made of 2-inch tubes, 3 mil thick, and is used to connect the bracket and the post together.

It is also manufactured at an angle of 45 cm and a length of 73 cm.

Heating and cooling systems

Farmers resort to it due to the significant drop and rise in temperatures throughout the year, so that plants do not exist in an unsuitable climatic environment.

There are many heating and cooling systems, each with its own advantages.

For example, among the cooling systems frequently used in greenhouses, are fans and cooling cells.

Learn more about cooling systems used in greenhouses

while including heating systems; Steam pipes, greenhouse heaters, hot water heating, as well as hot air heating.

More about heating systems

crop holder


crop holder
crop holder

Among the greenhouse components is also; Crop holder, usually made of pipes ¾ inch in diameter, 1.5 mm thick.

A single greenhouse needs 12 crop holders, each of them being supported by 1 standing post.


As for clips; It is made of galvanized sheet, of different thicknesses, through which the metal structures are attached to each other.


It is an important component of greenhouses, and is used in fastening and tensioning operations when installing the house, and its thickness reaches 2.5 mm.

A single greenhouse needs about 30 wires to stretch and strengthen its structure from the outside, in addition to 12 other wires inside the house; To hang plants on it.

Greenhouse facades

Front Fronts

These are pipes with a diameter of 1 inch, and a thickness of about 1.5 milliliters, and they are fiberglass-coated legs and beams, and fastened using clips.

Two openings are also made in those front facades, for the purpose of installing ventilation fans, in addition to using pieces of galvanized sheet to close the openings between the ventilation fans and the fiberglass.


It is also made of pipes with a diameter of 1 inch, and a thickness of 1.5 mm, in the same way as the columns and beams on the front facades.

However, the slots in these rear facades are designated for the installation of cooling cells and all their accessories.

Greenhouse Covering

The covering material used inside the greenhouse varies according to the nature of the climatic conditions to be provided to the plant.

Lid may be plastic, glass, polycarbonate, etc.


With this, we have finished presenting the most important tools and components of greenhouses.. It remains to point out that the Kenana Houses Factory relies on innovative manufacturing and installation methods; Such as the use of the hydraulic press and pressure system as an alternative to welding, and the installation of covers, of all kinds, according to the profile system to prevent air leakage, as well as the tight closures inside homes, and to give an aesthetic view of its general shape.


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