صيانة البيوت المحمية والصالات الزراعية

صيانة البيوت المحمية والصالات الزراعية

Kinana Houses Factory is keen to provide the necessary services for the maintenance of greenhouses and agricultural halls, as maintenance is an important element in the process of following up and caring for the greenhouse, and it is one of the factors that contribute to In raising the quality of its productivity and prolonging its life, maintenance operations may aim to fix an existing defect, or work to avoid the occurrence of a defect..

Benefits of Greenhouse Maintenance

The maintenance process offers many benefits to the greenhouse, including:

  • Monitoring the quality of agricultural soil, and the water used in agriculture.
  • Make the greenhouse smarter and greener.
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance, as a result of maintaining maintenance work aimed at avoiding damage.
  • Prolonging the life of greenhouses, and their various components.

Maintenance services provided by the Kenana Homes Factory

Types of maintenance of greenhouses and agricultural halls

As we have indicated; There are two types of maintenance that can be implemented inside greenhouses, and they are as follows:

Pre-damage maintenance

And we mean maintenance operations and the periodic follow-up that is carried out in order to avoid any malfunction within the protected house.

Includes that you make sufficient walking distances inside the house, and determine the appropriate planting dates for each type of plant, before you start planting it.. and other obvious things..

Here are the most important types of pre-damage maintenance:

Temperature Control

As for the maintenance of homes from a technical point of view; It includes temperature control, ensuring that there are no malfunctions in the heating and cooling systems being used.

Among the problems that may affect these systems; The high pressure of the water you use to cooling the house, or the need to adjust or change the fan belt..etc.

Also, dust usually accumulates on ventilation fans inside greenhouses, which may lead to their failure, and therefore it is important to work on cleaning them periodically.

Especially if these fans stop working, or even their efficiency is poor, it may cause high temperatures inside the greenhouse, and thus the spread of insects and epidemics, and possibly damage to the crop.

Soil maintenance

This is done by using quantities of water appropriate to the type of soil and plant, as well as making sure that there are no rodents in it.

Water Level

Also, it must be ensured that the soil absorbs water, and that it reaches all plants without any leakage or accumulation, and that the spraying operations are suitable for the type of cultivated plants.

Following the optical sensors

photosensors or resistors; It is one of the modern technologies used in the maintenance of greenhouses.

These sensors measure the amount of incoming light, and the extent to which the house needs to increase or decrease it by artificial means.

Therefore, it is important to monitor these sensors to ensure that they are able to give correct assessments.

Greenhouse covers cleaning

As the accumulation of dust, whether caused by weather changes, or strong winds, may block the sun’s rays needed by the plant.

It may also affect the covers themselves, of whatever type.

After Damage Maintenance

This type of maintenance aims to reduce the damage as much as possible, and it may come in response to a sudden malfunction, or a malfunction resulting from continuous neglect.

This type of maintenance usually requires greater costs, compared to the first type, and its damages are often difficult to avoid.

Maintenance of greenhouses and agricultural halls after damage has occurred is divided into four types:


  • Maintenance of partially damaged facilities.
  • Replacing the completely damaged facilities.
  • Perform complete changeovers inside yeos and greenhouses.
  • Greenhouses dismantled and reconstructed for several reasons.


Greenhouse maintenance cost

There are a number of factors on the basis of which the cost of maintenance required for a greenhouse is determined, and they are:

  • Greenhouse type.
  • The quality of the plants grown inside it.
  • Duration of using greenhouses or agricultural halls.
  • The competence of its personnel.

Also, having the necessary experience to carry out maintenance of greenhouses and agricultural halls will save you a lot of cost, but if you do not have qualified workers to do this, Kinana Houses Factory We are pleased to provide all maintenance services for your greenhouse or agricultural halls.

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